In general there are three main options: you can live in university accommodation (typically halls of residence), a student (independent) accommodation, or private accommodation.

1. University Accommodation

Living in University accommodation is a great way to experience student life, make new friends and feel part of our student community. The room allocation is usually adjusted to the level of education pursued by students. This type of accommodation provides students convenience on arranging contracts because it is arranged by the university. The accommodations are usually conveniently located, so students don't have to worry about commuting in daily.


More information could be obtained from each university website.


2. Student (Independent) Accommodation

Another option is to go for an accommodation that is purposely built for students. Independent student accommodation are organized by private building management such as Unipol, YPP, Iconinc, UniteStudents, or others. A studio room or a dual-occupancy studio which university accommodation tend to not provide are the main perks of living in an independent student accommodation. In addition, monthly bill mostly includes all electricity-water-gas and internet.


3. Private Accommodation

Others may prefer not to live in student halls and move straight into the private rented house or flat. Living in a privately enables you to decide exactly where you live and who with. Do bear in mind that monthly bill may not yet include electricity-gas-internet. Nevertheless, You can try any student-focused letting agents in the area, as well as dedicated sites like Unihomes, to find a house.